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Spring CAS Deadline for Juniors

Attention all juniors!  We are coming to the end of what has hopefully been a fruitful school year.  That means that soon it will be time for the end of year CAS check.  I will conduct these meetings after school for the last two weeks before final exams.  Your CAS binders need to be submitted on Tuesday, May 15, for review prior to our meeting.  The window for submitting CAS binders will close on Friday, May 18, at 2:30 pm.  The binder needs to be a 1 inch, 3 ring binder, with pockets, and all CAS documentation needs to be placed in clear plastic sheet protectors.  Please include the following in the order listed: title page with name, graduating year, and candidate number; one hour log sheet showing all activities completed to date; reflection sheets for all completed and ongoing activities; supervisor evaluation sheets for all completed activities; and any supporting documents and photographs.

The binder will be returned to you at our meeting, and should accompany you to all CAS meetings and discussions.  Remember to have supervisors sign all documentation immediately upon completion of an activity.  You never know when an organization might close its doors or a supervisor move or change jobs.

I look forward to seeing you in May and finding out what exciting projects you have completed!


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