Guns of August, Chapters 13-14

Here Mrs. Tuchman presents the Battle of the Frontiers, the initial fighting stretching from Lorraine to Mons in August 1914.  What struck me most was the blindness of Joffre and the GQG to the evidence of a massive German right wing, and lack of flexibility to change the original offensive plan.  The Battle of the Frontiers would have far-reaching consequences for the course of the war.

Chapter 13

Why was Joffre so blind to General Lanrezac’s intelligence reports and appeals for a change in strategy against the German right wing?

How and why did the Germans deviate from von Schlieffen’s original war plan?  What consequences do you believe this would hold?

What was surprising about General Sir John French’s demeanor and attitude upon the BEF’s arrival in France?

Chapter 14

What were the problems facing the French in their planned offensive in the Ardennes?

What were the short and long term consequences of the Battle of the Frontiers?


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