Junior CAS Update


Good evening.  Some students and parents have asked me preliminary questions about the CAS program.  I am currently revising the James S. Rickards High School CAS Handbook, and Mrs. Kraft and I will have it online by the second week of school.  I will also be addressing the junior class that week with a comprehensive introduction to the CAS program.  Your CAS plans will then be due the Tuesday following Labor Day, 4 September.  Instructions for the CAS plan will be included in the new CAS handbook.  You will need to start CAS no later than September.

In the meantime, be considering what athletic, creative, and service activities you would enjoy.  CAS is no longer focused on hour-counting.  Instead, CAS is to consist of at least 18 months of meaningful projects, and completion depends upon achievement of eight learning outcomes.  I will be discussing these next week.

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