CAS Opportunities!

Two new CAS opportunities have recently come to my attention.  As I am passing them along, no prior approval form is necessary.  You may consider them preapproved.  Hat tip to Mrs. Youngblood for both of these:

1.  The Leon County Virtual School (LCVS) is in immediate need of renovation.  Currently, LCVS employees and their families are repainting and working on the offices in the Bloxam building on Calhoun Street downtown.  IB Diploma Programme students may take on this work as a CAS project, and Mrs. Youngblood says that this could provide an opening to tutoring opportunities.  See Mrs. Youngblood for details as soon as possible!

2.  Conley Elementary School will hold their annual “Swarm” fun run on 3 November, and they need many volunteers to help.  This is also a great CAS opportunity, and you can sign up online here:

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