ETA for Senior IA First Draft Return

I have arrived at an estimated time for returning the IA first drafts after taking all things into consideration, including due date for first nine weeks’ grades, completing my comments on the EE first drafts, planning lessons for the new IB class, presiding over the extra credit book clan, and conducting the junior CAS checks.  I plan to hand them back on Friday, 26 October.  My comments will include critique of content, structure, sources, citation and bibliographic format, and a preliminary predicted grade according to the IA rubric.  I am forbidden by our IBO overlords from editing your grammar, so thorough proof reading and editing is your responsibility, as writing style does indirectly affect your grade.

This will give you over a month to make needed revisions.  Between draft return and the final due date, you will need to schedule a mandatory conference with me during my office hours.  We will also hold a peer review session in class during the second nine weeks.  In the meantime, you need to be reading over your drafts and identifying and fixing areas that need improvement.


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