IA Part F Assignment for the IB Contemporary History Class

In order to make up for lost time, our schedule will not accommodate a work day in the Media Center.  I will therefore give as much instruction online and by email as I can.  Part F comprises the bibliography and word count of the IA.  You will need a total of at least seven sources (ten is better.)  All secondary sources must be peer-reviewed, meaning produced by a university or other academically respected press.  Ordinarily, online sources should be restricted to no more than two items.  In any case, the Internet should not represent more than a quarter of your total bibliography.

In searching for sources, you should start in the reference section of our local university libraries, or at the very least with their online search engines.  One of my favorite methods to begin a research project is to read the most recent general work on the topic, and look at its footnotes and bibliography.  You want a mixture of general works on the broader era or topic you are studying and works that deal more specifically with your research question.  Avoid textbooks and encyclopedias: these are usually very general and error-laden.  Use the OPVL tactic to identify relevant primary sources.  Also, don’t neglect academic journals like The American Historical  Review.  These have shorter articles that represent the cutting edge of recent research.

I have included links to the FSU and FAMU libraries’ websites on my homepage.  I recommend these and not Google as starting points, as Google lists by popularity, not usefulness, and the libraries’ listings will be both more complete and more academic.  I have also included links to primary resources through the state and National Archives.

The bibliography needs to be in accurate, complete Chicago Manual of Style format. I have links to that and the Purdue OWL writing lab on my homepage, as well.  Entries need to be single-spaced, with a space between each entry, and listed alphabetically by author last name.

This bibliography, titled “Part F,” is due Thursday, 11 October.  Happy writing!

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