Upcoming CAS Deadline for Seniors

This is a reminder that your draft CAS portfolios are due very soon.  Mrs. Kraft and I will be collecting the portfolios on Wednesday, 5 December.  Please consult page 4 of the Rickards CAS handbook to see what is required in the portfolio, and the proper order for your materials.

To preempt the question I am almost certain to get on Monday, no, I am not planning to push back the CAS portfolio deadline.  This has been posted since late September, and at least in theory, the CAS portfolio is something which you are always keeping up to date.  Mrs. Kraft and I need to see what you have completed now, and the sooner we see these, the sooner we can finish reading and commenting on them to give them back.  I will be using the “slug list” and pursuing those who do not meet the deadline pretty aggressively, so get the portfolios ready to submit ahead of time.  I am looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.


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  1. Mickey Lamm

    On the computer today i see.. Have a happy black Friday. I spent most of my Christmas presents on history books….