Schedules and Assignments Updated on the Course Websites

I have uploaded the detailed third nine week schedules for all classes (AP US History, IB Contemporary History, and IB History of the Americas) on my class websites. I have also posted updated and revised History Book Club instructions. I will be holding to the deadline to acquire the books strictly this term, since neither selection is in the public domain and both are lengthy books, you will need adequate time to purchase or borrow these texts in order to read them thoroughly.

IB history students will also find the first term lists and reading questions for the third nine weeks on the class websites. It is going to be a hectic term, so you might want to get started on these over the break. I will have the reading questions for John Lewis Gaddis’s The Cold War: A New History on the website by the middle of next week. Bear in mind that this is required reading for all IB junior and senior history students, just like the MacMillan book last semester.

Of special interest to seniors, I have uploaded the PowerPoint presentation of the internal assessment debriefing I will be giving upon our return to school on 7 January.


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