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AP United States History Quiz Postponed

The chapter 25 quiz scheduled for today will be given on Tuesday, 2 April. The chapter 26 quiz and terms will still be do on Thursday, 4 April. The chapter 25 terms will be due Tuesday, 2 April, as well. I am not holding the quiz on Monday as announced in class.


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Last Make-up Day

Due to documented student illness, I am offering a slight reprieve. As you know, yesterday was the final make-up day for all classes, as announced on the nine weeks’ plans posted on the course web sites. It is your responsibility to be aware of these important dates and to know what work you are missing. However, I am offering a one-time-only extra make-up day. This will be tomorrow afternoon, from 2:00-3:00. Please email me ahead of time indicating what work you intend to make up, as book club is meeting that day and needs to start on time. This is for making up missed tests, quizzes, and essays only. No late homework is being accepted, as we are past the deadline stated in the syllabus and on the nine weeks’ plans.

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IA Peer Review Instructions for Juniors

This is for the junior IB history class. I have posted instructions for the peer review assignment due Tuesday, 12 March, on the class website.

Have a pleasant weekend. I’ll see you at Pangaea!

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Senior CAS Portfolio Announcement

All forty-nine seniors have successfully submitted their final CAS portfolios within the deadline! That’s 100 %, which I have never seen in my time as a CAS coordinator. Thank you for all your hardwork, and enjoy the weekend.

Now I get to read forty-nine CAS portfolios. Hurrah.

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