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For the 500 Students Doing an IA or EE on the Space Race…

You may find today’s post on the Florida Memory blog to be of interest:


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Final Junior IB History Term List is Uploaded

I have uploaded the “Introduction to the History of the Americas Term List and Study Guide” to the IB Contemporary History website. It is due 29 May. There are no review questions, but there are topics to study for the final exam. My advice is to do three terms a day.

I would also like by 29 May the titles of the two books you have selected for summer reading.

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Seniors: Congratulations, and Film Assignments Next Week


First of all, congratulations on completing the IB history exam. I am proud of all those students who have put their best work over the last two years into preparation for this difficult assessment.

Second, I am alerting you to the fact that we will have two film assignments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. This will provide a nice little grade boost to some of you who let things go this nine weeks and are in need. The films I will show are also interesting, I promise. (I mean really interesting, not “Mr. Harrington interesting.”)

Also remember that books are due the 14th, and they are a grade. Whatever you do, don’t donate the Martin Gilbert text to Goodwill like a senior did last year.

See you Monday!

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IB History Study Session at the Red Eye, Part II

Three hardy seniors attended the Saturday session, and had great questions which I was able to answer (the best kind.) I will hold an additional review session at the RedEye coffeehouse tomorrow from 4:30ish until 6:30. Please bring specific questions or topics that you need to review. I will also have graded work to return if you have not picked it up yet.

All the best on your history exam this week!

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