Senior CAS Portfolios

I absolutely must have all of the senior CAS draft portfolios by tomorrow. As I explained to the first and fifth period TOK classes, I will be holding the CAS portfolios at home over the break, when I will be reading all of them carefully and marking demonstrated learning outcomes on the rubric. At the end of the break, I will bring the portfolios back to school, and Mrs. Kraft will read them. You will have the CAS portfolios back by the end of January. You will need to update the portfolios through March as you complete your CAS.

For students who neglected to copy materials needed for Bright Futures applications, I will have the portfolios at school for the rest of the week, but the portfolios themselves will not leave my classroom. As of Friday afternoon, I will be taking the CAS portfolios home, and they will be unavailable until Mrs. Kraft is finished reading them in January.


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