For the Juniors–The Gaddis Book

This is a reminder that, as per the syllabus, you are required to read John Lewis Gaddis’s magnificent overview, The Cold War: A New History. I have a limited number of copies to loan to students who are truly in straightened financial circumstances, and the Leon County Library has three copies, one of which has been checked out. FSU library has a copy, as well, for those of you with borrowing privileges there. Otherwise, Amazon currently has used copies starting at $5.99 (not including 3.99 shipping) ranging up to $588 (I don’t understand that, either.) Alibris also has it used starting from $5.99. You may also be able to purchase a copy from an alumnus or alumna, or a senior who was SL last year. The book is a quicker read than MacMillan, so you might also organize a coop to purchase and share a copy. There is an assignment based on the book, and I will be referring to it in lecture, and you really do need to be reading it along with Ambrose and Brinkley (the orange book.) Gilbert is a nice read, but less useful for the Cold War unit than Gaddis and Ambrose.

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