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AP US History–No Test Tomorrow

To the AP US History class–I am cancelling the 20th Century Test. The Whole Enchilada test will still be given a week from tomorrow.


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Senior Review Updates

Time for review is running out, so I need everyone coming to class and prepared for delivering their review sessions. Tomorrow and Monday during the testing period will be intensive review days, and I expect all or almost all of the presentations to be done no later than first period Tuesday. I am keeping Monday otherwise clear of all other engagements with other teachers for this purpose. Thursday first period (normal) and Friday will be given to specific preparation for the exam. Tuesday and Thursday testing blocs will be offered to other IB teachers for review purposes as needed (I have already agreed to Chemistry and tentatively to Latin), while Wednesday will be kept open for one more practice exam if another teacher requests it. Any other remaining time in class before the exam will be spent working through papers from past years, covering Paper 3 topics, and papering the walls of my room with outlines, timelines, and diagrams. I do not desire a repeat of today with no student prepared to deliver a presentation.

On a more pleasant note, we need to begin scheduling RedEye review sessions. Bring your calendars tomorrow.

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Senior CAS Exit Interviews and Portfolios

I am completing my review of the draft CAS portfolios over the weekend, and will have all of them available for pickup by Tuesday. Mrs. Kraft and I will be holding the CAS exit interviews after school from April 14 through April 25. On the week of April 21-25, we will also be holding a limited number of interviews during lunch. Mrs. Bell has the sign-up sheet in her room, and you can make an appointment during TOK. Please bring your CAS portfolio, which we will briefly review before the interview. Usually, these meetings last from five to ten minutes.

The final CAS portfolio will be due to me on Tuesday, April 29, no later than 4:30pm. This portfolio will include your 500-550 word final reflective essay.

I look forward to our meeting and finding out all the great activities you have been pursuing.

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Junior CAS Updates

I hope your spring semester is going well as you prepare for your IB and AP exams. As you complete your 3-4 hours of CAS each week, don’t forget that the time allotment includes planning and reflection. Also, don’t forget to complete the reflection sheets and supervisor evaluation forms as soon as an activity is over. Our end of year CAS check will be here before you know it. I will be doing the meetings in my classroom, Room 523, after school May 19-27. Be sure to bring your up-to-date CAS portfolio. See you then!

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Article for Tomorrow’s IB Contemporary History Discussion

Here is a link to the article for tomorrow’s discussion. Make sure you understand the different arguments presented in the article, and that you have read thoroughly. Please, also review the relevant sections on Reagan, Gorbachev, and the end of the Cold War in Ambrose and Gaddis.

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HL History Topics for 2014-2015

I am pleased to announce the results of the vote for the topics we will study in the HL class this coming academic year. Topic 5 received 14 votes, topic 3 received 13 votes, and topic 9 received 9 votes. In the vote for the alternate topic, topic 6 received 6 votes. Therefore, next year’s curriculum will be as follows:

I. United States Civil War: causes, course and effects 1840-77 (1st-2nd nine weeks)
II. Emergence of the Americas in Global Affairs 1880-1929 (2nd nine weeks)
III. Political developments in the Americas after the Second World War 1945-79 (3rd nine weeks)
IV. The Mexican Revolution (3rd-4th nine weeks)

I am really looking forward to teaching these topics, and I think we will see a great deal of good reading and a high level of discussion next year.

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