IB History Year 1 Reading: Tuchman, Chapters 11-13

At this point you should have read through chapter 13, “Sambre et Meuse.” I have fallen a tad behind in rereading Guns of August and keeping up with the blog, but I will update important themes and reading hints through chapter 15 by tomorrow.

As you read, consider the longer term consequences of the delay imposed on the German right wing by Belgium’s courageous but doomed resistance. Pay attention to Tuchman’s character analysis of Sir John French in chapter 12, as it will aid you in understanding his behavior in the following chapter and later in the book when she describes the BEF’s retreat. In the last chapter of last week’s selection, focus on how what Clausewitz called the “friction of war,” i.e., reality, confusion, and hardship, interfered with German, French, and British war plans as the Battle of the Frontiers is about to commence.

This week, you should be reading through chapter 15.

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