Year 2 Books Ordered!

Payday was last week, and I have ordered the seven additional copies of Battle Cry of Freedom needed for the class. Hopefully, they will arrive before the school year, even if Amazon hasn’t started using drones yet. The reading assignments will begin immediately when we start school, and students will be expected to bring their copy to all class discussions (there will be a small grade for this.)

I haven’t seen the detailed feedback on the IB exam papers and IAs from last year, but I can share an insight or two about the fact that everyone passed (as far as I know a first for history at our school. At least it’s a first for me.) All of the students testing out last year were engaged in the course material. All students did the course reading and at least a majority of the homework (although, sadly, not always on time.) All students participated in class discussion, and became conversant in at least a few key topics, conducting outside research and reading and developing a degree of expertise beyond the minimum requirements of the course. I do not believe it coincidental that I also had the highest attendance at review sessions last year, to the point of my rethinking the RedEye as a venue due to lack of room at our table.

Rest up and prepare for the year. I look forward to seeing you in two weeks.


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