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IB History Year 2 Assignment

Please read the Constitution of the Confederate States of March 11, 1861 this evening. You can find it here:

You may also wish to review any parts of the U.S. Constitution you have forgotten:

Both will be available in class tomorrow, but you will not have time to read them cold for the first time. Please consider the points of comparison for tomorrow’s discussion.


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CAS Announcement: ManageBac Up and Running!

We have liftoff!  I am already seeing benefits, as I can respond to proposed activities with comments and approve acceptable projects quickly and without stacks of paperwork.  Congratulations to those students who have already added CAS activities for approval and the one student who has successfully uploaded a CAS plan.  You now need to be adding CAS activities–all CAS activities now require my approval before you begin them, or else ManageBac will not let you add reflections.  In order to seek approval, you need to add the activity to your portfolio on ManageBac.  You need to include the activity supervisor, with relevant contact information, timeline for the project, and what category/categories the activity fulfills.  In the description and notes, you need to indicate the frequency of the activity, what it entails, and how you plan to reflect on your learning.  Finally, you must indicate what learning outcomes you plan to achieve.  You will either receive notice that I have approved the project, or a note requesting more information.  Starting this week, I am requiring at least one thoughtful reflection every two weeks from all IB Diploma Programme students.  Reflections can include a variety of pieces of evidence, including journal entries (which can be typed into ManageBac), photo journals, video, web sites or blogs, presentations, etc.

Seniors: From now on, in order to reflect on your CAS activities, you will need to add them on ManageBac and await my approval.  Starting this week, I am now expecting at least one thoughtful reflection on your CAS every two weeks.  Meanwhile, you can work on scanning and uploading documents related to last year’s CAS activities.

Juniors: I would like the junior CAS plans to be uploaded on Managebac, which means you will not need to submit it in “dead tree” format. First, you will need to start adding CAS activities. After you do this, you will see your name and your CAS activities listed. Under this you will see a list of learning outcomes, and under this you will see a box labelled “CAS Documents.” Here, ManageBac will give you the option to upload CAS documents. Please upload your CAS plan here. This is were you would also upload additional application material needed for a fundraising project.

This is very exciting, and I look forward to being able to exercise closer supervision of all the great things you are doing for CAS!



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