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Senior CAS Exit Interviews and Portfolios

I am completing my review of the draft CAS portfolios over the weekend, and will have all of them available for pickup by Tuesday. Mrs. Kraft and I will be holding the CAS exit interviews after school from April 14 through April 25. On the week of April 21-25, we will also be holding a limited number of interviews during lunch. Mrs. Bell has the sign-up sheet in her room, and you can make an appointment during TOK. Please bring your CAS portfolio, which we will briefly review before the interview. Usually, these meetings last from five to ten minutes.

The final CAS portfolio will be due to me on Tuesday, April 29, no later than 4:30pm. This portfolio will include your 500-550 word final reflective essay.

I look forward to our meeting and finding out all the great activities you have been pursuing.


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Junior CAS Updates

I hope your spring semester is going well as you prepare for your IB and AP exams. As you complete your 3-4 hours of CAS each week, don’t forget that the time allotment includes planning and reflection. Also, don’t forget to complete the reflection sheets and supervisor evaluation forms as soon as an activity is over. Our end of year CAS check will be here before you know it. I will be doing the meetings in my classroom, Room 523, after school May 19-27. Be sure to bring your up-to-date CAS portfolio. See you then!

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Senior CAS Meetings Next Week

Good morning, seniors! This is a reminder that you have all signed up for CAS meetings this coming week. Please show up for your appointments. Mrs. Kraft and I will see students in the order they are signed up, unless a student is not in the room, in which case we will move on to the next student. Please bring your portfolios, as we will take a quick glance at them, and be ready to answer questions about your goals and learning outcomes. The meetings must take no longer than nine minutes each, and will run from 2-3:30 every day but Thursday in my classroom. See you then!

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Last Day of CAS Meetings Tomorrow!

Good evening, juniors.

Tomorrow will be the final day of junior fall CAS checks.  I have seen 32 juniors through today, all making adequate progress or better on their CAS programs.  These students are to be commended for this attention to such an important area of the IB program.

By tomorrow, all IB juniors need to have either met with me, or emailed me with a carbon copy sent to Dr. Williams as to why no meeting has taken place.  Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, I will be compiling, printing, and copying the “Slug List” of students who have not had their CAS meetings.  These will be posted in all of your classrooms by Monday, 5 November.  Students on the CAS list must see me immediately, or I will be recommending a conference next week with Dr. Williams concerning their future position in the IB program.

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Senior Fall CAS Checks Update


As mentioned during the morning and afternoon announcements, Mrs. Kraft and I will be holding the fall CAS checks for Seniors this coming week.  There is a slight change, as I will not be available after school on Monday due to a department meeting.  Otherwise, the meetings will be in my classroom from 2:00-3:30 after school, and I have a sign up sheet in my room.  Bring your CAS portfolio, and be ready to answer questions about how you are meeting the learning outcomes.  The more prepared you are for the meeting, the shorter it will last.

You will also want to check out the new handbook and paperwork on the school webpage.  Preapproval is now required for all new activities.

Have a pleasant weekend, and I will see you next week.

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Junior CAS Meetings

It is time again for CAS checks!  All IB juniors must see me today or tomorrow after school for the end of year CAS meeting.  I will be reviewing your CAS book and returning it, asking you about summer plans, and about your Bright Futures/CAS project.  The meeting will be brief, but keep your afternoon clear as there will be a long line of juniors to see me.  These checks are mandatory to ensure that you are making adequate progress with your CAS activities and to prevent problems next year.

See you in 523!

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Spring CAS Deadline for Juniors

Attention all juniors!  We are coming to the end of what has hopefully been a fruitful school year.  That means that soon it will be time for the end of year CAS check.  I will conduct these meetings after school for the last two weeks before final exams.  Your CAS binders need to be submitted on Tuesday, May 15, for review prior to our meeting.  The window for submitting CAS binders will close on Friday, May 18, at 2:30 pm.  The binder needs to be a 1 inch, 3 ring binder, with pockets, and all CAS documentation needs to be placed in clear plastic sheet protectors.  Please include the following in the order listed: title page with name, graduating year, and candidate number; one hour log sheet showing all activities completed to date; reflection sheets for all completed and ongoing activities; supervisor evaluation sheets for all completed activities; and any supporting documents and photographs.

The binder will be returned to you at our meeting, and should accompany you to all CAS meetings and discussions.  Remember to have supervisors sign all documentation immediately upon completion of an activity.  You never know when an organization might close its doors or a supervisor move or change jobs.

I look forward to seeing you in May and finding out what exciting projects you have completed!

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