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RedEye Review Schedule for IB History!

I will be holding my traditional RedEye review sessions for the IB History SL and HL exams on Friday May 8 (tomorrow), Monday May 11, and Wednesday May 13, from 3:50-6:00. I am open to holding additional sessions Thursday and Friday, but discussion of that day’s exam is prohibited. Please have specific, content-related questions.


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Updates for All Classes for Week of 20-24 April

We will be back on a normal bell schedule tomorrow. In the AP US History course, I will deliver the final lecture tomorrow and we will have the periods 8-9 term quiz on Friday. The Whole Enchilada Test will be moved to Tuesday 28 April. Wednesday, we will sit for a Long Essay, and there will be a DBQ on next Thursday and Friday.

In IB History Year 2, we will have a second practice Paper 1 tomorrow and Friday. In IB History Year 1, we will have an entire practice Paper 2 tomorrow and Friday.

Thanks, everyone, for your flexibility as we deal with a difficult testing schedule. Next week is supposed to be normal.

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IB Seniors–Paper 3 Tomorrow!

This is a reminder that you will be sitting for an entire Paper 3 exam paper tomorrow during the 2nd period testing block. You are all expected to be in attendance tomorrow as per school and district policy, barring medical emergency of course.

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IB History Year 2 Peer Review Instructions Uploaded

I have uploaded the instructions for peer review of the IA on the senior class website. I have also included them below in case there are any problems with the document. (Google Sites is behaving strangely today.)

Internal Assessment Peer Review

Due to both Mr. Harrington and the student by 8:35 am, Friday, 23 January.

1. Submit a clean copy of your latest IA revision to the student whose name you drew.

2. Read the copy submitted to you (see Mr. H. if you have not received an IA by Wednesday, 21 January.)

3. Prepare comments concerning the argument, evidence, analysis, source base, and style of the IA draft you have been assigned.

4. Provide typed comments concerning strengths and weaknesses (both are required) that at least touch upon every section of the IA.

5. Speak with the person whose IA you reviewed in class on Friday, 23 January.

6. Remember that the aim is to provide constructive criticism. You are not trying to tear down anything, and you need to use professional, polite language. However, meaningless affirmation is not useful, either. You should provide helpful advice that will equip your peer to improve his or her work.

7. See me or email if you have any questions.

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Senior Media Center IA Workday Tomorrow!

We will be meeting in the Media Center tomorrow second period for the first of four IA workdays prior to the final deadline. Please come ready to work on your history IA. I will also be available for individual conferences and to answer questions about your IA.

See you tomorrow!

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Senior IA Final Draft Deadline

I have consulted with the IB coordinator concerning due dates and possible conflicts with the EE and other class’s IAs and oral exams. I am ready to announce that the final draft of the IA is due, in two hard copies and on ManageBac, by 2:30 pm on February 23. By then, you will have exchanged and conducted peer review on your revisions and we will have met concerning your progress. I will also try to get some time in the Media Center before the final deadline for you to work on the IAs, and I will still read individual sections.

Have a great holiday break!

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Next Senior IA Deadline

All but two seniors came by to pick up their completed drafts today (except for those who did not complete their ManageBac submissions.) I’ll be on campus until about 2. Your next deadline related to the internal assessment will be on January 16. We will draw names at random for you to exchange your most up-to-date draft with each other, and the week following the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday we will have one or two conference days for you to commnt on the drafts, and for you to meet with me.

I hope you have a safe, happy, and restful winter break.

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