Last Day of CAS Meetings Tomorrow!

Good evening, juniors.

Tomorrow will be the final day of junior fall CAS checks.  I have seen 32 juniors through today, all making adequate progress or better on their CAS programs.  These students are to be commended for this attention to such an important area of the IB program.

By tomorrow, all IB juniors need to have either met with me, or emailed me with a carbon copy sent to Dr. Williams as to why no meeting has taken place.  Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm, I will be compiling, printing, and copying the “Slug List” of students who have not had their CAS meetings.  These will be posted in all of your classrooms by Monday, 5 November.  Students on the CAS list must see me immediately, or I will be recommending a conference next week with Dr. Williams concerning their future position in the IB program.


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